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Fostering Innovation Communities in the Raw Materials Field


The Resources Innovation Center Leoben at Montanuniversitaet Leoben is home to the international partnerships of the university in the areas of sustainable science, education and industrialization. The first partnership was the EIT RawMaterials, a pan European 125-partner network for raw materials, a so-called Knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC) of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology. A KIC consists of a consortium of industry, science and education stakeholders, which try to contribute to the solution of societal challenges through innovation projects. In particular, RIC Leoben works on projects in the areas of education, sustainable exploration & mining, technological innovation and recycling and is an active partner in terms of the strategic development of the community. Our next step was to join the EIT Climate-KIC, which is also a Knowledge & Innovation Community. Here, the areas of Urban Transition and Sustainable Production Systems to foster a climate resilient society are our main focus. Another pillar at RIC Leoben is sustainable development, in which we are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through various initiatives. One of the key activities in this respect is the implementation of the goals in the Austrian Higher Education sector through a joint network project of all universities. What all our partnerships have in common: they are thematically connected and synergetic aiming at sustainable innovation in the resources sector for a better future.


October 2018 – The EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Leoben visits the Vojvodina region in Serbia

As part of Regional Center’s (RC) ESEE (East & South East Europe) Strategy Anna Meyer visited the EIT Cross KIC RIS Dialogue Conference in Novi Sad. The event provided the possibility to gather information on all the KICs (Knowledge und Innovation Communities des EIT RawMaterials). Due to the cooperation of EIT RawMaterials, EIT Health, EIT Climate KIC, EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Food a valuable event was designed that opened EIT’s doors to Serbia.

The EIT Cross KIC RIS Dialogue Conference in Novi Sad can be seen as a direct outcome of the 7th ESEE Dialogue Conference in Belgrad, Serbia on the 16.11.2017 organized by the RC Leoben. On the 7th ESEE DC connections between the provincial secretariat of economy and tourism Vojvodina and EIT RawMaterial staff were established and based on those the foundation was laid to set up an EIT Cross KIC RIS Dialogue Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia on the 27.09.2018. This follow up event further shows a gradual inclusion of Serbia to the EIT RawMaterials as well as the EIT in general and is part of a successful ESEE Strategy of the RC Leoben.

December 2018 – Start-up Bootcamp

EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Leoben invites you to participate in an international Start-up Bootcamp and rethink the raw material sector.


  • international training
  • renowned trainer
  • two and a half days of coaching & support
  • includes three lunches and a networking dinner
  • travel and accommodation reimbursement possible!
  • successful start-ups tell their story
  • contacts to EIT RawMaterials and its start-up funding
  • Pitch competition

From all applicants the 15 best and most creative teams are invited to let their ideas become reality!

Apply now until the 29.11.2018!

Download the folder here

Register here

For more Information please contact Anna Meyer

Dipl.-Ing. Hanno Bertignoll

End of March 2018, Hanno Bertignoll started as Project Manager at the RIC Leoben.

His activities include coordination, application and development of EIT RM projects, as well as projects covering other raw material relevant topics.

He serves as the interface between the RIC Leoben, the university institutes and the EIT RM, and networks to connect relevant partners.

Additionally, he acively supports selected projects as project expert.

He also is involved in organizing workshops, project meetings and other networking events.


Hanno is a graduated mining engineer from Montanuniversitaet Leoben. He has long-time industry experience, working in various roles in business development, sales and marketing for a mining equipment supplier in Zeltweg/Austria. After that, he worked two years as marketing manager for a recycling equipment manufacturer.


Raw Materials University Days

The RawMaterials University Days is a communication campaign which was launched by the European Commission in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. The aim of the Montanuniversitaet RawMaterials University Day was to attract young people that are finishing school and deciding on their path of future study, in order to inform them about the various study and career opportunities in the raw materials sector. Over 200 students and their teachers from schools all over Austria attended. They were invited to spend the day visiting the Erzberg mine and facilities of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben. The event was funded by the EIT RawMaterials KIC.

RM University Day


Fördersumme MUL: € 35.331