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Fostering Innovation Communities in the Raw Materials Field


The Resources Innovation Center Leoben at Montanuniversitaet Leoben is home to the international partnerships of the university in the areas of sustainable science, education and industrialization. The first partnership was the EIT RawMaterials, a pan European 125-partner network for raw materials, a so-called Knowledge & Innovation Community (KIC) of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology. A KIC consists of a consortium of industry, science and education stakeholders, which try to contribute to the solution of societal challenges through innovation projects. In particular, RIC Leoben works on projects in the areas of education, sustainable exploration & mining, technological innovation and recycling and is an active partner in terms of the strategic development of the community. Our next step was to join the EIT Climate-KIC, which is also a Knowledge & Innovation Community. Here, the areas of Urban Transition and Sustainable Production Systems to foster a climate resilient society are our main focus. Another pillar at RIC Leoben is sustainable development, in which we are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through various initiatives. One of the key activities in this respect is the implementation of the goals in the Austrian Higher Education sector through a joint network project of all universities. What all our partnerships have in common: they are thematically connected and synergetic aiming at sustainable innovation in the resources sector for a better future.


Montanuniversität Leoben is part of the MIREU Network

The European project MIREU aims to establish a network of mining and metallurgy regions across Europe, that will help the regions to share knowledge and experiences when facing the challenge to ensure a sustained and sustainable supply of mineral raw materials to the EU.

As mining projects are carried out at regional and local levels, regions are key actors in ensuring a continued supply of mineral raw materials to the European economy. The MIREU project will bring together mining and metallurgy regions from across Europe to work together on improving the conditions for sustainable access and supply of raw materials in the EU. The MIREU consortium is comprised of 30 partners of which 17 are regions from all around Europe.



For more information visit the MIREU website.





Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe
27th-29th of March 2019
Leoben, Austria


Initiated by the EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Leoben at Montanuniversitaet Leoben in Austria,
the ESEE Dialogue Conferences aim to foster an international community in the raw materials sector by converging relevant stakeholders from industryresearch and education in
East and South East Europe.


Visit the ESEE Dialogue Conference Website

Vice Rector Peter Moser

Despite his extensive agenda as vice-rector Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Peter Moser is actively involved in positioning and supporting RIC Leoben and EIT Raw Materials activities of RIC at a strategic level through networking in relevant committees and circles. He is further an irreplaceable support through his great project-ideas as well as their initiation. He completed his MSc in Mining Engineering with a specialisation in Tunnelling in 1983 and his PhD in Mining in 1989. Since 2006 he is the Head of Department of Mineral Resources & Petroleum Engineering and holds the Chair of Mining Engineering & Mineral Economics.  In 2011 he was appointed Vice Rector, responsible for International Affairs and University infrastructure. He has written around 100 scientific papers in the field of Drilling & Blasting, Mine Development, Underground Mining, Rock Mechanics & Rock Cutting, Ventilation and Mineral Policy issues. He is a certified expert and works as consulter for the mining industry. Through his very active involvement in the European Raw Materials landscape, such as his involvement in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials High Level Steering Group or his role as steering committee member in the EIT RawMaterials Community, his research and devotion currently revolve around the societal challenges regarding a sustainable raw materials supply of Europe and the globe.


REMIX – Smart and Green mining regions of EU project

The REMIX project is an Interreg Europe funded project with an objective to bring together regions rich in mineral resources. Participating regions are at different stages in the mining cycle and have complementary resources and profiles. The project will support innovations of large and small scale companies in their regional mining value chains. In particular the project aims at finding good practices in different EU regions in regards to how the regional small and medium size enterprises and municipalities can benefit from the mining industry and how the regional development authorities can strengthen the sustainable operational environment.



REMIX – Smart and Green mining regions of EU project

01/2017 – 06/2021

Interreg Europe

MUL, Regional Council of Lapland, Finland (Lead Partner), ADE – Agency of Innovation, Business Financing and Internationalisation of Castilla y León, Spain, Joensuu Regional Development Company, JOSEK Ltd, Finland, Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, The University of Exeter, Great Britain, National Technical University of Athens – NTUA, Greece, The Freiberg Geocompetence Center, Germany (Advisory Partner)

Lehrstuhl für Bergbaukunde – Alexander Tscharf

Total: € 1.997.655,00

MUL: € 187.500