March 2018 – A Festival for the SDGs

From the 21st-23rd March 2018 the Global Festival of Sustainable Development took place in Bonn, Germany. To observe the new trends in SDG implementation and to learn how to raise SDG awareness RIC Leoben visited the event. The event was structured around impact (local, national, global initiatives), methods (data, events, social media, virtual reality) or organizational levels (EU, national governments, municipalities) instead according to the SDGs 1-17. This allowed for a mix of stakeholders and ideas. For example, the session “Mobilizing action through the power of events” presented different event types to raise SDG awareness while at the same time input of how to organize events in line with sustainable development.

RIC Leoben’s presence allowed establishing valuable connections to SDG agents working with Virtual Reality to support sustainable development via education. Furthermore, connection to the Circular Economy Club was made and mutual support was discussed.

Finally, the festival shared the spirit of global change and a spark of it was carried back to Montanuniversitaet Leoben.